International Same-sex Couples Protesting Outside Executive Yuan 跨國同性伴侶政院抗議 速提修法草案

Nearly 50 international same-sex couples gathered for protest in front of the Executive Yuan on Valentine's day to continue the push for legalization of same-sex marriage between Taiwanese and their foreign national partners.

A same-sex couple knelt down in plea. It is raining on Valentine's Day and nearly 50 international same-sex couples, along with the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights organization, gathered outside the Executive Yuan building for protest. The Judicial Yuan's amendment that would modify the Act Governing the Choice of Law in Civil Matters Involving Foreign Elements was sent to the Cabinet for review since January of 2021, but no progress has been made since, protesters said. 

Int'l Same-sex Marriage Rights Activist : “We waited for more than a year already and there's no sign of moving forward. We still have to stand out here on the streets to fight for our rights and tell the government that there are still so many of us out here who can't get married. ”

Victoria Hsu, Lawyer Convener, Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights: “The Judicial Yuan had proposed an amendment and sent it in to the Cabinet since last January. It has been more than a year, however, and it is still pending review. The Cabinet has been dragging its feet in amending the act, preventing it from moving on to the Legislative Yuan for the final vote.”

Pro-LGBT protesters tied 467 yellow ribbons with each of their names written on the ribbons on the entrance gate to the building, hoping that the Cabinet would hear their cry for assistance and to pass the amendment as soon as possible so that foreign nationals could marry their Taiwanese partners. 

Representative, Dept. of Foreign Affairs, Nat'l Defense and Justice, Executive Yuan: “We just want to be well-rounded in processing the review. The Judicial Yuan had indeed sent in the amendment and all other related laws and regulations to us last January. We have held various meetings since then. It is currently under review by related agencies to tie in the loose ends.”

The Cabinet stressed that they are not neglecting the case and that it is a work in progress. 








行政院外交國防法務處代表回應:「其實為了要完善涉外民事法律相關的規範,司法院已經有把相關的法案送到我們行政院來,行政院去年已經分別就相關的法案,還有相關的一些配套的,相關法制的事宜 都有召開會議,目前是由相關機關,針對配套比較細緻法制規範,還在進行持續的研議。」