Taoyuan and Kaohsiung Starting School a Few Days Later on the 14th 疫情影響 桃園.高雄幼兒園延至今天開學

Kindergartens and elementary schools in Taoyuan and Kaohsiung started school on the 14th. The schools ensured the public that they are well-prepared for COVID-19 prevention and all teachers and staff have been fully vaccinated, including booster shots. 

Senior high schools and below all around Taiwan started school on the 11th. Kindergartens in Taoyuan City started school a little bit later on the 14th. Kindergarten students have to get their temperature taken and get their hands disinfected before entering campus. Parents are not allowed to enter the campus without showing proof of two shots of vaccination. 

Student: “(Are you looking forward to school today?) Yes. (Why?) Because I want to go on the slides. (What did your teacher or your mom remind you to do at school?) Wear my mask because there are germs around.  ”

Parent: “I would remind my kid to keep the mask on and to wash hands often. Remember to wash your hands before and after playing games of all sorts. I would remind my kid often because I'm worried that my kid would get sick.”

Yang Ya-chen, Principal, Taoyuan Elementary School: “On principle, we take our children's temperature twice a day. First when they come to school in the morning and second after naptime in the afternoon. Teachers are to disinfect the classrooms and activity rooms three times a day.”

The principal of Taoyuan Elementary School said that the school has stocked up on masks, rubbing alcohol, disinfectant spray guns, UV lamps and other tools for disinfection. All teachers and staff have been fully vaccinated, including booster shots. In Kaohsiung City, elementary schools and kindergartens also started school a little bit later on the 14th, taking precautions seriously.

Wang Yen-yen, Principal, Kaohsiung Municipal Sinshang Primary School: “We have set up a special booth next to our health building where students can get their temperature taken if they feel sick. If they happen to have a fever they are to stay in the booth and wait for their parents to come to pick them up and take them to the hospital.”

The principal of Sinshang Elementary School said that the school has started COVID-19 prevention preparation during the Lunar New Year holidays. Not only does the school have enough items for at least a month but they also provide teachers with information on parents' travel history and health conditions for reference.