Harbor Pilot Is Not Part of Port Cluster Infection 引水人基因定序出爐 與高雄港群聚不同

There are currently at least two transmission chains at the Port of Kaohsiung. Several vaccination stations were set up around the port and all workers must have a negative result to enter the port.

Only by showing a negative PCR test result can people enter the port. This is because genome sequencing has shown the harbor pilot at the Port of Kaohsiung is not part of the port's cluster infection, which means there are two separate transmission chains at the port. 

Chen Chi-mai (Feb. 10, 2022), Kaohsiung City Mayor: “We got the results of the harbor pilot's genome sequencing back, and his case is not related to the Port of Kaohsiung cluster infection.”

The city government and Central Epidemic Command Center say the harbor pilot must have been infected by a foreign sailor at the end of last month or the beginning of this month. He will remain in quarantine until the 19th. Several vaccination stations will be operating around the port on the 11th and 12th. In addition, anyone entering the port area has to have a three-day negative PCR test.

Chang Chin-tun, Occupational Safety and Health Director, Port of Kaohsiung: “There was PCR testing here at the port on the 7th and 8th, and also on the 9th. You had three days to get tested. If you didn't, you can't enter the port. If you went to a clinic or a hospital, that's fine.”

Testing was free at the port before for local workers, but cargo drivers from other municipalities had to pay out of pocket for a test. Taiwan International Ports Corp. says PCR test results are valid for seven days and cargo drivers will not need to get a second test when reentering the port within the seven-day period. Changes may be made to the policy if needed.





高雄市長陳其邁 (111.02.10):「引水人,那我們釐清了他的基因定序,他跟高雄港案的相關群聚的基因定序不同。」




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