Kaohsiung Requiring All Port Workers to Get Tested 高雄港設多處篩檢站 未篩不得進入港區

Tighter disease prevention measures have been implemented around the Port of Kaohsiung on the first workday after the Lunar New Year holidays. Meanwhile, the maritime industry is worried about port operations being heavily affected as harbor pilots are being recalled for testing.

Cargo ships can't enter the harbor without the guidance of harbor pilots. On the 6th, a harbor pilot at the Port of Kaohsiung tested positive. Many in the shipping industry are worried that harbor pilots will be ordered into quarantine en masse, affecting port operations.

Hu Yen-chang, Chair, Pilot Association:"The number of available harbor pilots will go down if quarantine orders are issued. This could slow operations to a crawl at the Port of Kaohsiung or even paralyze it."

Kaohsiung currently has 37 harbor pilots and seven intern pilots. Port operations were not affected on the 7th. The city is recalling harbor pilots for testing, along with the crews of transportation boats that carry harbor pilots. 

Harbor Pilot Transport Boat Crew Member:"After (the harbor pilot) tested positive, we've all been asked to go get tested. (Did you get tested already?) Yes. (Are you scared?) Yes." 

The city is also asking harbor and shipbuilding workers to get tested in the next two days. Workers that haven't been tested will not be allowed to enter the port.




中華民國引水協會理事長 胡延章表示:「其他引水人再被匡列的話,那引水人可能就 人數就會減少,可以工作的人數就會減少。那你減少的人,量再大一點的話,那幾乎高雄港就會,可能就會變得很慢,或者是甚至停擺都可能。」


引水員交通船工作人員表示:「你現在那個(引水人)確診之後,我們這邊也都一起去篩檢。(你也篩檢完了?) 都篩完了。(會怕嗎?) 會啊!」