TikTok Has Become New Avenue to Sell Drugs "抖音"上音樂課? 竟是新型網路販毒暗語

The police recently discovered that people are now using TikTok livestreams to sell drugs. They label them with code phrases for drugs, and the live streams disappear after they end, leaving no evidence for the police to investigate.

A man in black is pushed down onto the floor. A large box is filled with sachets of drugs. This suspect used Twitter to sell drugs. Others are using TikTok to sell drugs.

Huang Wen-yang, Officer, Drug Enforcement Center, CIB:"After a TikTok livestream ends, it disappears unless the user uploads it. This means that police officers will encounter obstacles and bottlenecks when investigating."

The livestream footage is hallucinatory and accompanied by electronic music. A cursory glance reveals no abnormalities. However, in the chat, there are conversations about fair prices and new product launches. Some messages have special symbols. According to the police, these are secret codes for buying and selling drugs.

Huang Wen-yang, Officer, Drug Enforcement Center, CIB:"Those selling drugs in sachets may say they're selling drinks, beverages, clothing, or shoes. Those selling amphetamines may use code words such as candy or rock candy derived from the external form."

One code phrase for drugs is "music class." A TikTok search reveals tons of related videos that contain information on locations where drugs are sold. Code words such as "camp" or "giving a course" mean that the seller is currently doing business. Different drugs have different code names. The police are aiming to break up these new drug supply chains.




刑事局毒品查緝中心警務正 黃文揚表示:「直播時間結束之後,(抖音)這類的錄影,除非他上傳,不然是沒有保留的。那對於我們警方在偵辦上,會遇到一些阻礙跟瓶頸。」


刑事局毒品查緝中心警務正 黃文揚表示:「販售咖啡包,他可能就會說,他在販售飲料、飲品,或是衣服、鞋子。那如果像販售安非他命的話,因為他的外型,他可能會販售糖果、冰糖,這樣子的暗語。」