2 More Confirmed Cases at Far Eastern Hospital 亞東再傳2確診 1病患及兒子採檢陽性

P. Hsu
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Two more confirmed cases are reported from New Taipei City's Far Eastern Memorial Hospital. They are a patient who stayed in the hospital and a family member of the patient. Additionally, Taipei 101’s mall was closed for one day after a confirmed case attended an event there. 

The Taipei 101 shopping mall put up a sign. Due to the footprints of a confirmed case, it has closed for one day on the 26th. However, Ambi Space One and the observation deck were open for normal business. 

The Taipei City Health Department confirmed that Case 18518 was a magazine editor. Chen Bo-lin and eight other male stars went to Taipei 101 to attend an event on the 21st. The tracing investigation is still ongoing because there is too much foot traffic. The magazine editor was a client of the Taipei City real estate agent, Case 18375. They toured a house together on the 14th but were only confirmed on the 24th. Officials suspect there are other infection sources.

Huang Shan-shan, Taipei Deputy Mayor:  “If he was infected that day, he shouldn't test positive until January 24. Normally, it would take 5 to 7 days to be sick. So we are also suspecting if this is the infection period. He actually had symptoms early on and was seeing the doctor the whole time. But he just didn't think of going for a screening test.”

A kindergarten teacher in Taipei's Songshan District was diagnosed with the virus. About 180 teachers and students in the kindergarten were immediately notified on the 25th and classes were suspended for 14 days. The contact tracing has been expanded. The city government also suspects that this has something to do with Case 18375, a Taipei City real estate agent, who ate hot pot with a friend. This particular friend then ate noodles near a kindergarten, where a confirmed case, a teacher, was also eating at the restaurant at the same time.

Huang Shan-shan, Taipei Deputy Mayor: “We are suspecting if this noodle shop had cross-infections? We are expanding the tracing in regards to the noodle shop. This is to say, it's still true that dining out is a big risk.”

A nurse from Far Eastern Memorial Hospital was confirmed on the 17th. Her husband and two children received positive PCR tests during the quarantine period. On the 25th, a patient and a child tested positive at the hospital late at night.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor: “PCR tests were negative for all patients in the wards and the medical staff. Even family members of staff were tested and they were all negative. We are still figuring out the source of the infection at the moment.”

Far Eastern Hospital also issued a statement saying that more than 5,000 people are screened in the hospital every week. They are already conducting a third round of screening, which has come back negative. This week, patients who had been hospitalized for more than seven days were tested. A patient tested positive and family members were urgently screened. Patients in the same ward, family accompanying the patient, and the nurse all tested negative. Only the confirmed patient's son tested positive. The hospital also emphasized that this patient and the previously infected nurse were in different wards on different floors.