Chunghwa Post Delivering Atemoyas 台東鳳梨釋迦貨運塞 郵局加派班次運送

Some courier services stopped accepting packages of atemoyas from Taitung last week due to not being able to guarantee delivery before the Lunar New Year.  This has farmers very worried but fortunately the post office is stepping in.

Due to a surge in demand, courier companies have stopped accepting atemoya and fruit packages in Taitung. Chunghwa Post is trying to pick up the slack. Taitung Post Office says it delivered 20,000-plus cases of atemoyas between Jan. 17 and 24.

Lee Wen-hsiung, Assistant Manager, Taitung Post Office: “We sent them by Speedpost. Barring unforeseen circumstances, Speedpost deliveries arrive the next day.”

Atemoyas are in season in Taitung, and Chunghwa Post may not be able to handle all the demand. Farmers are making worst-case scenario plans and thinking about letting their fruit rot on trees. The county government says it will help farmers set up roadside stalls during the holiday.

Ms. You, Farmer: “Otherwise, we just have to wait until after the new year. (Will your fruit rot by then?) If the weather turns warm, fruit will start falling off trees because they are already ripe enough.”

Hsu Chia-hao, Director, Agriculture Department, Taitung County: “We want our farmers to be able to take part in three- or five-car cluster roadside sales at popular hotspots. We will help them apply for road rights.”

The agriculture department says other crops affected by excess courier demand include rice, tea, and citrus fruits.