Doctors Warn Taiwan Remains at Risk 昨本土案例減少 醫師:不代表脫離風險

With the Lunar New Year around the corner, CECC commander Chen Shih-Chung said the crisis is not over, as the threat of community transmission remains. Premier Su Tseng-chang also said Taiwan isn't yet prepared to co-exist with the virus so he urged everyone to get vaccinated.

“This is more beautiful than our home!”Premier Su Tseng-chang attended an epidemic situation meeting, and then headed to a centralized quarantine facility in Taoyuan's Guishan District to conduct an inspection. The domestic epidemic situation is worsening, and no one can relax yet. The Central Epidemic Command Center enacted new measures to send people with mild cases of COVID-19 to government quarantine facilities, including ones in New Taipei City's Taishan and Taoyuan's Guishan. The facilities are equipped with doctors, medication, and ambulances to ensure there are no breaches.

Su Tseng-chang, Premier: “The characteristics of the variant causing this outbreak are that it spreads faster but produces mild symptoms. We have prepared sufficient medication, and oral medications are arriving. Our diversion of mild cases is proceeding smoothly and relieving the pressure on medical resources.”

Although the number of new cases announced on Jan. 24 was substantially lower compared to the two previous days, doctors warn that the numbers per se don't mean that Taiwan is no longer at risk. People can relax a little if the infection sources of all cases can be determined, but if there are 10 or more cases in a single day with undetermined sources, then returning to a Level 3 alert should be considered. Taiwan presently doesn't have the means to co-exist with the virus.

Huang Kao-pin, Dep. Director, Infection Control Center, CMU Hospital: “Over 70 percent are fully vaccinated, but the number of infected people is relatively low. There are two conditions to co-exist with the virus. The first is that the number of infected people reaches a certain level. The second is that the vaccination coverage is at least 85 percent to over 90 percent. Only then will we have the means to co-exist with the virus.”

The Lunar New Year is around the corner, and people will be traveling between the north and south. Su said people need to be cautious but not afraid. On Jan. 25, 1.5 million Moderna doses arrived. People are urged to make appointments to get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.









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