Legislature Stiffens Drunk Driving Penalties 酒駕修法三讀 10年內2次累犯公布姓名照片

Under the amendments to the law for drunk driving, authorities can disclose the names, photos, and violations of repeat offenders.

The gavel is hit, signaling that amendments to stiffen penalties for drunk driving have passed the third reading in the legislature. The amendments to the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act stipulate that authorities can disclose the name and other information of repeat offenders, which are defined as those committing DUIs for a second time within 10 years. They also increased the fine on passengers to a maximum of NT$15,000. Drunk drivers are also required to retake the driver's license test and can only drive cars with ignition interlock devices. The maximum punishment for violations is NT$120,000.

Chuang Jui-hsiung, Legislator (DPP): “We increased the fines for various drunk driving offenses in order to guarantee a higher level of traffic safety for the people. There are also stricter standards for those wishing to drive after drinking.”

Yeh Yu-lan, Legislator (KMT): “We hope the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Yuan will heed the wishes of the people after the law is amended and actually implement these amendments.”

The amendments also increase the criminal liability of drunk drivers. Drunk drivers that don't cause accidents can now be sentenced to up to three years and fined a maximum of NT$300,000. Repeat offenders that cause accidents can be fined up to NT$3 million and the repeat offense period has also been extended from the current 5 years to 10 years. 

Chen Jiau-hua, Legislator (NPP): “If administrative authorities can integrate the resources of all ministries and perfect the drunk driving handling process, this will be able to effectively reduce DUIs and protect the lives and safety of the people.”

The amendments also included provisions on impaired driving caused by drugs. Impaired driving caused by alcohol or drugs will result in a license plate suspension of two years. If impaired driving results in injuries or death, the vehicles of first-time offenders may be confiscated. Legislators hope these amendments will effectively deter drunk driving.











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