TSMC Interested in Dorm Complex Land for Fab? 台積電高雄廠傳改設中油宿舍區 居民恐慌

There are reports that TSMC is displeased with the remediation of a former CPC Corporation refinery in Kaohsiung and has set its sights on land housing CPC Corporation dormitories, sending residents into a panic.

This is CPC Corporation's Hongyi dormitory complex in Kaohsiung's Nanzih District. People who live there only have superficial rights, and have long clamored for CPC Corporation to sell the land to them. According to recent reports, TSMC is displeased with the remediation progress of the plot of land that is set to house its new fab, and would like to establish the fab on the land housing the dormitories. Residents are panicking and worrying that their superficial rights will be taken away.

Hsu Chia-chih, President, Houjin Dormitory Self-Help Association: “All they did was dig up the land and then leave everything out in the open. Then they said the remediation was finished. That's how they did it. Is that proper? We're not asking for much. We just want to be settled.”

Feng Ching-jung, Chief, Hongyi Borough, Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City: “We asked the city government to allow all of Nanzih District's borough chiefs to jointly supervise this remediation process.”

CPC Corporation employees, retired employees, and residents formed a self-help association. They held a press conference on Jan. 20 along with elected representatives. They questioned if the remediation would be completed on schedule and completed safely, and asked for related information to be made public. They also said the process should be supervised, and urged the Kaohsiung City Government not to sacrifice residents to benefit a corporation. The city government responded that these were only rumors and the remediation is proceeding on schedule and the land can be handed over in April or May.

Chang Jui-han, Director, Kaohsiung City Env. Protection Bureau: “It's currently underway for the 6-2, 5-2, and 1-2 sections. We should be able to achieve our goal for the soil restoration work for the three sections of 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3.”

The city's Environmental Protection Bureau said all the necessary protective and covering measures during the remediation work have been carried out to ensure that no further contamination will occur. Air and water quality monitoring equipment have also been set up near the site, and readings will be posted on its website. It will set up information boards and news displays at various sites so that residents can stay informed.









高市環保局長張瑞暉:「6-2區跟5-2區,還有1-2區的部分,目前都在持續進行當中,所以目前看起來,我們在3-1 3-2 3-3這3個區域,目前的土壤整治工作,應該是達到我們預期的目標。」