Taoyuan Market Closed After Positive Case 大湳市場攤販確診感染源不明 休市3天

A vendor at Danan Market in Taoyuan's Bade District tested positive on Jan. 19, and the infection source is unknown. The city government announced the market will be closed for three days for disinfection.

Disinfection operations were carried out at Danan Market in Taoyuan's Bade District and surrounding communities on Jan. 20. Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan was on site to oversee the work.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Mayor, Taoyuan City: “We needed to conduct large-scale disinfection. The target areas are Danan Market and the Danan commercial district.”

A market vendor tested positive and became Case No. 18119. The infection source has not been determined. Cheng said that although the case had few footprints, the market was frequented by many people and an investigation is underway. The market will be closed for three days for disinfection.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Mayor, Taoyuan City: “Testing sites were set up at Bade Multifunction Building and locations near Danan Market. Yesterday, they tested 600 people, and no new cases were found. We are currently expanding the testing.”

On the morning of Jan. 20, there were still people who came to shop, as they were unaware that the market was closed. Cheng said the central government doesn't require people to scan QR codes to leave their contact information at all markets, and many markets have multiple entrances. He advises vendors to set up their own QR codes.

Shopper: “Of course it's frightening. I came to the market and I heard other people saying it was closed.”

Resident: “Of course you'll be afraid. (Afraid?) I usually just stay at home and don't go out. (You can go get tested today.) Yes.”

Wang Hsi-wen, Chief, Datong Borough, Bade District, Taoyuan City: “The market will be closed for three days until Friday. If no more problems are found after the testing is completed, then it can reopen on Saturday.”

Cheng said 3,215 Taoyuan residents are currently in quarantine. Many of the cases were found after taking a second test during quarantine or taking the last test before ending quarantine, so quarantining is a very important public health strategy.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Mayor, Taoyuan City: “At present, there are 1,160 people in home quarantine and 2,045 in 24 government quarantine facilities. That number will increase slightly as contact tracing continues.”

Cheng said the city tested 48,439 people between Jan. 4 and 19. He urged people to continue monitoring their health and to get tested if they develop symptoms or their footprints overlapped with infected cases.












桃園八德區大同里長王錫文:「市場休業3天到星期五,如果說篩檢過後都沒有問題的話,原則上星期六就可以開始恢復營業。」 這波本土疫情爆發後,鄭文燦表示,桃園目前居隔人數是3215人,有很多確診個案是居隔間2採,或者解隔時採檢確診,居隔是非常重要的公衛手段。