Man Lights Fire at Three Locations in Kaohsiung District 高雄大寮連3起縱火 嫌稱不滿雜物丟路邊

Kaohsiung's Daliao District saw a string of arson incidents on Jan. 16. The surveillance camera captured a man in his 30s started the fire, whom was soon arrested. He said he was unhappy with furniture and junk that were piled up on the curb during pre-Lunar New Year cleaning, so decided to burn them.

“It's flammable, there's something flammable.”

Red and orange flames shoot up. The location of this fire is a place where people often stack up junk items. The fire spread to vehicles parked nearby.

Resident: “No one's going to move that car?”

A car emitted popping sounds as the fire burned. The fire then spread to a nearby residence, trapping the family of five inside. They fled to the roof, and were successfully rescued. This fire occurred on Wenhua Road in Kaohsiung's Daliao District. Two other fires were reported in the span of less than an hour at Ziyou Road's Lane 129 and Lane 150. The police believe a Daliao resident surnamed Chen started all three.

Tseng Fu-ta, Captain, Zhongyi Police Station, Kaohsiung City PD: “The suspect confessed that he saw heaps of junk piled on the curbside and he felt that they were blocking traffic, so he decided to burn them.”

Resident: “There was one over there, and another over there. There were three in all. How could you not be afraid of fire?”

The police located Chen at his residence, and seized the clothing and tools he used when he committed arson as evidence. The suspect first proclaimed his innocence, but confessed after being shown surveillance footage. Prosecutors will investigate and prosecute him for arson.