Server Working at Steak House in Taoyuan Tests Positive 銀行群聚衍生新傳播鏈 西堤員工染疫

The transmission chain related to the Taoyuan Airport cluster infection continues to expand. While the total number of confirmed cases at Union Bank has now climbed to 17, a server working at the steak house where the bank employees had a banquet has also been diagnosed with COVID-19, leading to worries that a second wave of transmission is in the offing.

Health workers sanitize the Union Bank of Taiwan in Zhongli District as the cluster infection continues to grow. Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan says four of the six new cases are related to the bank cluster.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Taoyuan City Mayor: “There are four new cases in the Union Bank of Taiwan cluster infection. One works in New Taipei City. The other three are the mother and boyfriend of a bank employee, and an employee at a Tasty restaurant.”

This vocational school in Zhongli has preemptively suspended classes for 14 days, while one elementary school and one junior high school preemptively suspended classes for one day. Because we were notified by the Department of Education (and) because the parent of one of our students tested positive, we are suspending classes for one day.

The Golden Voice Social Club and domestic caregiver transmission chains, meanwhile, are likely related. The domestic caregiver was likely infected by her spouse, who works at the airport. The quarantine taxi driver, Case 17368, is a member of the social club, who is a family member with the Thai restaurant chef. The restaurant has been closed for disinfection and 11 of the chef's contacts have been sent to a central quarantine facility.

Security Guard: “( Reporter: Will the Thai Town on the second floor be open today? )No. It is closed until the 16th.”
Many stores around the bank have decided not to stay open for the time being, along with the restaurant. The livelihoods of locals are being impacted as the cluster infection continues snowballing.