Taipei City Nurse Diagnosed with COVID-19 北市聯醫仁愛院區專責病房 1護理師確診

A nurse working at Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch was diagnosed with COVID-19, becoming the third nurse working in designated wards in Taipei City to get infected. While medical personnel risk their lives treating patients, the Taipei Doctors Union has received pleads, saying some patients under quarantine treat hospital staff as hotel workers.

Two nurses and a nurse's boyfriend tested positive from Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch. Another nurse was diagnosed with a Ct value of 16 on the evening of the 12th from the Renai Branch. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je confirmed that the nurse is in charge of the special ward at Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch.

Ko Wen-je, Taipei Mayor: “Two infection cases occurred in Taipei City hospitals. One is two nurses, the other is a single nurse. But, strangely, the other 20 or 30 nurses or doctors didn't get infected. So it is best to open quarantine hotels. Do you know why? A hotel can hold hundreds of people and monitor people in a special environment.”

At present, many northern Taiwan hospitals are taking turns sharing isolation wards to treat confirmed patients arriving from overseas. The Taipei Doctors Union has received pleads, describing some confirmed patients who have treated their hospital room and the nursing staff as a hotel service. They even turn off their room's ventilation system without authorization, causing panic among the medical staff and a safety crisis.

Dr. C, Department of Internal Medicine, Taipei City Hospital: “The ventilation system was turned off by the patient because he felt it was too noisy. Turning off the exhaust will cause the hospital room to be without negative pressure. Or patients complain about the hospital repeatedly through the Health Bureau or 1922 if the hospital environment doesn’t meet their needs. This only frustrates the medical staff in the dedicated ward.”

As the Omicron strain spreads, the Taipei Doctors Union is calling on authorities to back medical professionals. The union supports authorities to use the Communicable Disease Control Act or the Medical Care Act to investigate crimes and ensure the safety of medical personnel. 










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