Search Continues for Downed F16V and Missing Pilot F-16V墜海 海陸空全面搜救失聯飛官

Air Force Captain Chen Yi's F-16V fighter jet crashed into the ocean during training on Jan. 11. On the next day, local residents found four pieces of the plane’s wreckage but the pilot has not been found.

The item in the man's hand looks like a piece of the wreckage from the fighter jet that lost contact. This gentleman surnamed Cheng found the first piece of suspected wreckage around 10:30 a.m. and continued to find four more wreckage pieces of various sizes after.

Local Resident: “I found it in the fish farm, not in the ocean. (Please tell me which part of the plane is that). I don't even know. That piece I picked up was really big.”

Local Resident: “Because there is a waterway here. So the helicopter probably should be around here.”

The people who found wreckage pieces are all local residents. They have been eager to assist in the search because they are familiar with the terrain. However, the military kept a low profile and did not confirm whether the found pieces were from the plane. It did immediately assemble a team to go to the area where the wreckage pieces were found and expanded its search. In fact, the search and rescue operation had not stopped since the night before. The helicopter constantly circles near the shooting range area. It was also reported that a parachute was found, but no one has confirmed this. An anonymous search and rescue officer said that after the tide goes out, shoreside visibility is clearer. The best time to find the missing plane and the pilot is before the tide rises at 6 p.m.