Four of 41 Passengers on First Arriving Flight Test Positive 凌晨首架抵達班機 有4人採檢呈現陽性

The CECC says four passengers on the first flight that landed at Taoyuan International Airport on Jan. 11 tested positive. About 6.7 percent of passengers arriving on the first five flights tested positive.

Testing upon arrival begins at Taoyuan Airport on the 11th. The Central Epidemic Command Center's on-site commander at Taoyuan Airport, Victor Wang, announced rapid PCR testing upon landing for all passengers arriving on long-haul flights as of the 11th. Only those that test negative will be allowed to proceed to immigration. Those that test positive will be taken directly to a hospital. Wang said the entire process shouldn't take more than an hour. Wang and other Central Epidemic Command Center officials visited the airport on the 11th to see how things were going.

Victor Wang, CECC Taoyuan Airport On-site Commander: “Five flights (have arrived so far.) Seventeen people have tested positive out of 253. That's an infection rate of 6.7 percent. That's pretty high.”

Five flights landed on the morning of the 11th. The CECC failed to send enough personnel to the airport to handle testing due to the "overly high" number of arriving flights and passengers from the first flight to land had to wait up to two hours and 15 minutes.

Victor Wang, CECC Taoyuan Airport On-site Commander: “While we're on the subject, let me tell you that this was our first time, so there were some delays. Like I said, this was our first time doing this. We have to improve in many areas. We were upstairs just now having a meeting and making some changes.”

The CECC says the testing method needs to be adjusted to speed up the process and it will hold a meeting to discuss how to get that done. According to Chen Shih-chung, four passengers out of 41 from the first arriving flight tested positive.