High Demand for Boosters at Vaccination Sites 嘉義接種站供萬人施打 高雄5千人預約

Chiayi County and Kaohsiung have both seen high demand for boosters at large-scale vaccination sites with 10,000 and 4,000 recipients respectively for one day.

Even though Jan. 10 was a working day, a steady stream of people seeking their booster shots flowed through a large-scale vaccination site at Dadong Arts Center in Kaohsiung.

Resident: “It's almost been three months, the epidemic situation is becoming worse and worse, and I'm afraid.”
Resident: “It seems like the Omicron situation is heating up, so of course you worry. I brought my mom here at the first opportunity.”

Kaohsiung started offering 4,000 appointments per day starting on Jan. 9. The city vaccinated 4,214 people on Jan. 9 between appointments and walk-ins. The number of daily appointments, primarily for Moderna, was therefore increased to 5,000 on Jan. 10. There was also a line for people without appointments. Medical institutions are offering different vaccine brands.

He Hui-pin, Director, Disease Control Office, Kaohsiung City Dept. of Health: “There has been a huge demand for appointments at Dadong Arts Center. We increased the number of available slots from 4,000 yesterday to 5,000 today. Yesterday, about 4,900 people made appointments.”

Chiayi County opened up three large-scale vaccination sites on Jan. 9. They administered vaccines to 10,000 people, including 9,834 booster shots. On Jan. 10, local health centers and medical institutions began administering vaccines. Tainan opened up walk-in sites for first, second, or third doses. The average wait was one hour.

Hsu Hsiu-hui, Chief Nurse, Tainan City East District Health Station: “We're handing out NT$200 vouchers to those getting their first or second shots. We haven't set any limits on the number of vaccines. We're inoculating anyone who comes here.”

The number of cases in the Taoyuan International Airport cluster infection continues to grow, and people will start traveling within Taiwan ahead of the Lunar New Year. People have become more willing to get vaccinated, so health departments are setting up vaccination sites.