Lim Continues Campaigning Ahead of Recall Vote 林昶佐西寧市場掃街 趙少康表態挺罷昶

Two days remain before the recall election of independent Legislator Freddy Lim. Broadcasting Corporation of China Chairperson Jaw Shaw-kong said he supports the recall vote.

Two days remain before the recall election of independent Legislator Freddy Lim. On Jan. 7, Lim went to Xining Market to seek support from vendors. Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Ho Hsin-chun accompanied him and told anyone who would listen about Lim's contributions to Wanhua District.

Ho Hsin-chun, Legislator (DPP): “We often came to Taipei as children to visit grandparents, here on Linyi Street.”

Freddy Lim, Legislator (Ind.): “A-chun knew that we grew up here on Linyi Street. I hope on Jan. 9, we can block the recall and have a good new year. We need to keep up Taiwan's disease prevention, and everyone needs to work hard for the economy, to stimulate the economy.”

Lim urged everyone to oppose the recall. The DPP has spared no efforts to support Lim. President Tsai Ing-wen appeared with him on Jan. 6, while Vice President William Lai wanted to accompany him in making an offering. Meanwhile, the epidemic situation is worsening alarmingly and Broadcasting Corporation of China Chairperson Jaw Shaw-kong asked why senior government officials are only concerned about elections.

Jaw Shaw-kong, Chairperson, Broadcasting Corporation of China: “If Tsai Ing-wen doesn't do anything, then I'm not going to do anything. Why do you keep running over to Wanhua when the epidemic situation is so critical? It's quite unseemly for someone who is the president to keep canvassing the streets and making offerings at temples. This government official is going to drive people to revolt.”

Chung Siao-ping, Recall Initiator's Representative: “The number of times we've seen Freddy Lim in his electoral district in the half year since we launched the recall after the Lin Sheng-tung incident is 100 times more than during his five years as a legislator.”

The Kuomintang listed seven major derelictions of duty committed by Lim. Its Taipei office will hold a pro-recall rally on Jan. 8. Meanwhile, Lim continues to claim that the recall reasons are insufficient and he hopes everyone will end this issue on Jan. 9.