Interval Btw 2nd and 3rd Shot Should Be Shortened to 3 Months: Ko 柯文哲籲高風險人員 第3劑短為3個月

Taipei recently saw its fourth cluster infection originating at a quarantine hotel. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je also said the time between the second and third vaccine doses for airport, hotel, and hospital personnel should be shortened to three months.

A fourth cluster infection at a Taipei quarantine hotel was confirmed on Jan. 6. An investigation is underway to determine if a small aperture between a ceiling and a partition wall allowed the Omicron variant to be transmitted. Taipei's quarantine hotels are currently at the maximum 85 percent occupancy rate. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je has asked seven hotels to become quarantine hotels.

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor: “For quarantine hotels, you still need to find a balance between capacity and quality. You can't just keep adding more. I think we will still conduct inspections and those that don't meet standards will be asked to withdraw. We will find new ones to come in.”

Ko said there is already community infection, but there is no need to panic because people have been vaccinated. He also said boosters for the airport, hotel, and hospital personnel should start immediately.

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor: “A lot of the time, those who don't need to get them are the ones getting them, and those who actually need them are squeezed out. If the time period is really going to be shortened to three months, then a list of airport, hospital, and hotel personnel that received their second doses at least three months ago should be compiled within a week's time and all of them should be inoculated.”

Ko said the time between second and third doses should be shortened to three months, and called for immediate action. New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih said if the epidemic spreads from Taoyuan to neighboring New Taipei City, activities will be suspended if necessary and precautions will be taken. He called on the central government to reexamine entry requirements and start administering boosters.

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor: “They should go as far as to reexamine related entry requirements, and see whether adjustments are needed.”

Su Tseng-chang, Premier: “During the expanded morning meeting, we took stock of all kinds of methods. The commander will report to you all in detail this afternoon.”

Premier Su Tseng-chang said further discussion is needed on whether entry requirements will be adjusted. He also urged people to get vaccinated to raise the coverage, and stay vigilant over the Lunar New Year period to keep Taiwan safe.