Taoyuan Airport Cluster Infection Continues to Grow 桃機群聚擴大 累計8例本土含4例Omicron

The Taoyuan International Airport cluster infection now has eight cases, including four Omicron. One domestic expert says the government needs to administer both blood and saliva tests to all airport workers to root out asymptomatic carriers.

The case count of the Taoyuan International Airport cluster infection currently stands at eight, including seven cleaners and one quarantine taxi driver. Four of the eight are Omicron. One epidemiologist says the cluster infection definitely predates the first worker to test positive. The expert says the government needs to perform saliva and serum testing for all airport workers to identify asymptomatic carriers.

Huang Li-min, Honorary Chair, Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan: “If you only do nucleic acid testing, an infected person is infecting everyone they live with. You don't know when these people are then spreading it to others. So, if you identify all carriers, there is a transmission chain that you can't detect.”

Meanwhile, one doctor says Omicron is gradually replacing Delta as the most common variant but is three times more infectious than Delta. Omicron may present with symptoms other than fever or loss of smell or taste, including runny nose, congestion, headache, sore throat or respiratory issues. As it can be difficult to differentiate between an Omicron infection and a common cold, the doctor says people should use self-test kits.

Luo Yuan-chang, Secretary-General, Taiwan Primary Care Association: “I've seen a lot of patients with colds in the last few days, and they all ask me if they have Omicron. I tell them I can't say because the symptoms are very similar.”

The doctor says global research shows that Omicron symptoms are generally mild but the variant can still be fatal to the immunocompromised, and everyone should therefore get vaccinated as soon as possible. The doctor also says it will be at least two weeks before the extent of the cluster infection is known and everyone still needs to remain vigilant.









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