Almost 30 Incidents Related to Cold Weather in 2021 去年北捷救護案85件 天冷致不適占29件

Temperatures rose on Jan. 3, but a front will arrive on Jan. 5 and bring cold and wet weather. Statistics showed that Taipei Metro attended to 85 first aid cases in 2021, including 29 that involved indisposition due to cold weather.

Police Officer: “Miss, eat something first.”

The police officer gives hot food and warm milk to the passenger, even though they are on the metro platform.

Police Officer: “Remember to eat.”

The police officer reminds the passenger to eat. This passenger had not eaten the entire day. As she was taking the metro, she felt dizzy due to low blood sugar and was helped to a bench on the platform. A patrolling police officer immediately offered assistance.

Luo Chun-min, Captain, First Corps, Rapid Transit Div., Taipei City PD: “The female student surnamed Tsai and a friend arranged to meet at Taipei Main Station for an evening meal. She didn't eat breakfast or lunch, causing her blood sugar level to plunge and dizziness.”

Taipei Metro recorded 85 emergency incidents in 2021, an increase of 16 compared to the previous year. According to Taipei City Police Department's Rapid Transit Division, there were 29 cases that involved indisposition due to cold weather. Doctors say there are large temperature changes in the winter and the number of people seeking emergency and outpatient services increases by at least 20 percent.

Lin Wei-wen, Cardiologist, Taiwan Adventist Hospital: “There are shared characteristics within this group of patients. They are older and have chronic diseases, such as hypertension, high blood lipids, and hyperglycemia. They might also have suffered some cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases in the past. This type of patient will be especially affected when the weather is cold.”

Between the start of winter and the end of 2021, Taipei recorded 282 out-of-hospital cardiac arrest cases. Although the Taipei City Fire Department can't say for sure that there is a link to cold weather, doctors say plummeting temperatures frequently trigger heart attacks in senior citizens and people suffering from the three highs, so they need to be especially careful when the weather is cold and there are big temperature differences.









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