HK Singer Denise Ho Released on Bail 何韻詩獲保釋報平安 1/2音樂會如期舉行

Hong Kong singer Denise Ho, who was detained by the Hong Kong police for 36 hours, was released on bail on the evening of the 30th.

Hong Kong singer Denise Ho, who was arrested by the Hong Kong police for "conspiracy to publish seditious material" and detained for 36 hours, was released on bail and walked out of the police station at around 5:45 p.m. on the 30th. She did not respond to the reporter's questions as she walked out and just thanked them before leaving in the car. Later that night, Ho reported she was safe through her Facebook account. It was also the anniversary of Anita Mui's death. She posted a photo of the two to express that she was not alone. At the same time, she revealed that the online concert on January 2 will be held as planned. 

According to Hong Kong media reports, former The Stand News directors Margaret Ng and Christine Fang were also granted bail on the same day. But former editor-in-chief Louis Chung and Patrick Lam were denied bail.

Ronson Chan, Chairperson, Hong Kong Journalists Association: “After a whole day of waiting and hearings, Louis Chung and Patrick Lam's application for bail was denied. This is a pity. Of course we have mentally prepared for this but it's sad to know they will not have a chance to see everyone until the end of February next year.”

The news incident of Hong Kong's position has aroused continuous international attention. The French Ministry for Foreign Affairs expressed its deep concern about the situation's development and freedom of speech. It called on the Hong Kong government to protect and respect the Hong Kong Basic Law's autonomous principle. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken appealed to PRC and the Hong Kong government to release detained media personnel. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC slammed Blinken's request.

Zhao Lijian, Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PRC: “The United States should put away its hypocritical double standards and stop interfering in China's internal affairs in the name of so-called freedom. Freedom of the press and speech cannot be a shield for committing a crime. Journalists in Hong Kong must strictly abide by the laws of China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.”

The Mainland Affairs Council will strengthen humanitarian assistance measures in response to the changes in Hong Kong.  Draft amendments to some provisions of the "Law for Hong Kong and Macau Residents to Enter Taiwan and Residence Permits" have been added to include the time spent when studying for master's and doctoral degrees in Taiwan. The bill has been completed and sent to the Executive Yuan for review. Announcement and implementation will be carried out as soon as possible. 









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