Tainan City Councilor Investigated for Fraud 涉浮報助理費 檢警搜索林炳利辦公室

Tainan City Council Deputy Speaker Lin Ping-li is under investigation for over-reporting assistant fees, and searches were conducted at the Tainan City Council, at Lin's service station, and at his home. Prosecutors say Lin is suspected of defrauding NT$27 million.

An extraordinary session of the Tainan City Council has just ended, and police officers and prosecutors enter the office of Deputy Speaker Lin Ping-li to conduct a search. Prosecutors discovered from the council's financial records that during Lin's first through third terms on the council, he over-reported assistant fees using the names of people who were not assistants and then used the collected money for other purposes. The preliminary investigation shows he defrauded NT$27 million. 

Lin Chung-pin, Dep. Chief Prosecutor, Tainan District Prosecutors Office: “Between 2010 and November this year, he used the assistant fee method to apply for publicly-funded assistant fees. He used the names of his relatives and friends. We estimate that he defrauded NT$27 million in assistant fees between 2010 and this year.”

Prosecutors searched Lin's council office, service office, and home. They also named 23 defendants and two witnesses. Lin is currently hospitalized, so he has not yet been questioned.

Kuo Hsin-liang, Speaker, Tainan City Council: “His condition is still being brought under control. He is currently undergoing treatment. I heard yesterday that they want to question him, but doctors are not willing to let prosecutors bring him in for questioning now due to his state, so they will go to the hospital to take a statement.”

Lin represents Annan District. He has served six consecutive terms as an independent councilor, including three in the Tainan City Council. He joined forces with Speaker Kuo Hsin-liang in 2018 and was elected as the deputy speaker with 28 votes. Lin is hospitalized and can't be questioned, and prosecutors are hoping to coordinate with the hospital to determine a suitable interrogation location and time that won't affect his health.