Changhua Qualified to Become Special Municipality 彰化爭升格第七都 縣長:免修法已達條件

Changhua County Magistrate Wang Huei-mei pointed out that the county population meets the requirement for an upgrade to special municipality, so no laws need to be amended to make that happen.

Changhua County Magistrate Wang Huei-mei promoted her county's New Year's Day events in Yuanlin City on Dec. 27. She talked about Changhua's attempt to become the seventh special municipality. Wang pointed out Changhua meets the prerequisites to be upgraded and no laws will need to be amended. She added it will be unfair if the central government allows Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County to merge into a special municipality first.

Wang Huei-mei, Changhua County Magistrate: “The people of Changhua aren't weaker than anyone else. However, there is no way for those who qualify to be upgraded to be upgraded. If they upgrade those who aren't qualified, then I think our 1.25 million people will feel the same as me. Changhua is the place that meets the requirements. No laws need to be amended. We have enough of a population, and we meet all the requirements.”

Wang said the Hsinchu merger is uncertain because it involves amending the Local Government Act. Meanwhile, Changhua's population already meets the requirement of 1.25 million for an upgrade to a special municipality, and no laws will need to be amended. If Changhua's industries, culture, and transport conditions are successfully upgraded, it and Taichung can become the twin engines for central Taiwan's development. The Changhua County Government sent a notice to the Ministry of the Interior for consideration on Dec. 27. Local residents had differing opinions about a possible upgrade.

Changhua County Resident: “An upgrade would of course be better. There will definitely be a difference in terms of benefits, as well as in funding (compared to other counties and cities).”

Changhua County Resident: “What's the point of having so many special municipalities? Taiwan is already so small, and if everyone is a special municipality, what's going to happen to the rest? You might as well upgrade everyone, everyone can become a special municipality.”

The county government said an upgrade would attract more companies and youths, as well lead to an increase in the collection of business taxes and create new opportunities. It hopes the central government will review its application as soon as possible.