Snow Falls on Mount Hehuan, Yushan, and Xueshan 冷氣團發威 合歡山.玉山.雪山都下雪了

C. Chuang
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Due to the effects of a cold air mass, low temperatures, and sufficient moisture, it snowed on Mount Hehuan, Yushan, and Xueshan on Dec. 27.

Snowplows work to clear snow away from Provincial Highway 14A. A cold air mass, frigid temperatures, and a wet weather system from southern China combined to bring snow to Mount Hehuan on Dec. 27. By 7 a.m., five centimeters of snow had fallen. People made snowmen and had snowball fights.

Resident: “It snowed, I'm so happy! (You waited a long time for this?) Yes, a long time.”

Mount Hehuan Service Station personnel said the Directorate General of Highways closed the Yuanfeng to Dayuling section of Provincial Highway 14A as a precautionary measure on Dec. 26 to prevent road freeze from affecting traffic safety. On Dec. 27, only vehicles with snow chains could travel on the section. However, there were many people who were unaware of the restrictions and were pulled over at checkpoints.

Service Station Personnel: “You can't go up if you don't have snow chains. No, you have to put them on your car in order to go up. You have to put them on here. The sign is very clear. Sorry.”

Resident: “I have them. Put them on here? I thought, since I hadn't seen any snow yet. ”

Chang Shu-chen, Director, Mount Hehuan Service Station: “The Puli Branch announced this morning that vehicles traveling on the Dayuling to Yuanfeng section need to have snow chains to go up.”

Yushan saw its second snowfall of the year, which started at 3:15 a.m. on Dec. 27. The Central Weather Bureau said the snow reached two centimeters. Yushan National Park said it would send personnel to persuade people on single-day round trips to stop at Paiyuan Lodge, as the pathway from the lodge to the summit was wet and slippery, the terrain was precipitous, and there were strong winds.

Paiyuan Lodge Manager: “It's been snowing all day, over the entire way from the lodge to the summit. We urge you to stop here. Take a few photos.”

Xueshan saw the snow starting at 1 a.m. Shei-Pa National Park said the accumulated snowfall is five centimeters, and a winter wonderland is visible from 369 Lodge.

Chen Chun-shan, Deputy Director, Shei-Pa National Park: “It's snowing above 369 Lodge, it's been snowing off and on for about six hours.”

The CWB said the moisture will ease a bit during the day on Dec. 27, but there is still a chance of snow on the leeward side of mountains at elevations of over 3,000 meters during the afternoon. Temperatures will rise on Dec. 28, and the snow will stop.