Drunk Driver Hits Family of Four, Kills Mom 高雄酒駕釀1死3傷 累犯無照仍上路

On Dec. 26, a drunk driver surnamed Huang struck a family of four, killing the mom and injuring the dad and two daughters. He was a repeat offender who'd had his license revoked and was driving without a license.

A dark blue sedan hits a family of four at the intersection of Kaohsiung's Hedong Road and Guomin Street. The mother, who was hit head-on and dragged, died on-site while the father and two daughters suffered minor injuries. A passenger in the car fled the scene of the accident while the driver refused to be questioned until the next morning.

Do you know the woman you hit was a mom?

The driver ignores the police's question. This driver was caught driving under the influence multiple times since 2006. As a repeat offender, his license had been revoked and he was driving without a license when he killed the woman. The victim's neighbors and borough chief were extremely saddened by her death as she was a kindhearted woman who was an asset to her community.

Chen Shih-bao, Borough Chief: “She was such a good person. Ask anyone around here. She was a good, kindhearted person. When I heard (the news), I was so angry.”

Tung Chien-hung, Director-General, Kaohsiung City Information Bureau: “The mayor is in a rage and has ordered the transportation bureau and police to step up traffic safety enforcement.”

The passenger in the car turned himself in on the 26th. He claimed he tried to dissuade the driver from getting behind the wheel, but to no avail. As he chose to get into the car anyway, he faces a fine of NT$600 to NT$3,000. The Kaohsiung City Government says police have already been asked to wrap up the investigation as quickly as possible. Civic group Taiwan Against Drunk Driving, meanwhile, says it doesn't matter if drunk driving penalties are increased when judges often let drunk drivers off the hook with light sentences.

Kao Shu-chen, Secretary-General, Taiwan Against Drunk Driving: “Causing death or severe injury while driving under the influence is punishable by five years to life. Judges should not let drunk drivers off the hook with a light sentence.”

The group says the drunk driving rate only goes down when there are enough police checkpoints. It hopes the police will do its part with the holiday and year-end banquet season approaching.











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