Former Disciplinary Court Official Impeached, Fined 前法官石木欽遭彈劾 判罰月俸給總額1年

Former Supreme Court judge Shih Mu-chin is punished with a fine equivalent to 12 months of his salary for his misconduct with a businessman. The case can still be appealed.

Former Disciplinary Court head Shih Mu-chin was recently impeached by the Control Yuan for failing to recuse himself from a case involving businessman Wong Maw-jang, who he had a personal relationship with. The Control Yuan found "inappropriate contact" between Shih and Wong and transferred the case to the Disciplinary Court, which fined Shih one year's wage.

Lin Yu-ping, Chief Secretary, Disciplinary Court: “Based on the evidence against him, the laws that would strip him of his position as a judge or civil servant or of his pension do not apply because it is also against the principle of proportionality.”

Shih is accused of purchasing stock in Wong's company under his wife and children's name while he was a Supreme Administrative Court judge and the head of the High Court. The Disciplinary Court saw this as a major ethical violation and felt he had to be punished. However, some say the punishment did not fit the crime and this was caused by Taiwan's ambiguous, unclear laws.

Lin Yung-sung, Chair, Judicial Reform Foundation: “Under the Judges Act, he could be stripped of his pension or a percentage of his pension. However, he was only fined one year's wage. Let me say it again: Can the people accept this? Does the punishment fit the crime?”

Apart from purchasing stock in one of Wong's companies, Shih is believed to have traded stock in another of Wong's companies. He also allegedly met with Wong privately multiple times to give him legal advice. As the statute of limitations has already expired, there will be no further developments in this case. In the eyes of the Judicial Reform Foundation, however, Shih got off too lightly.