Tainan Motorcycle Rider Files Suit 台南駕駛疑不滿靠太近逼車互撞 騎士提告

A vehicle chase between a car and a scooter took place on December 21 in Tainan, leading to a collision. The motorcyclist who sustained minor injuries has filed a lawsuit against the driver.

A motorcycle was stopped at a red light, waiting to turn on the left-hand side of a car. As the light went green, both the motorcycle and car turned left at the same time and almost collided. Although the turn was completed without incident, the car's driver was dissatisfied with the motorcycle being too close and sped up to chase the motorcycle. A car accident occurred as a result.

Local Resident : “This kind of thing often happens in our area. Sometimes the motorcycle will chase the car. Other times the car will chase the motorcycle. Because everyone is in a hurry during peak hours. Deliberately chasing a car or motorcycle also happens a lot here. Car accidents often happen at our intersection.”

According to the police investigation, a car and a motorcycle were involved in a car accident in Yongkang District's Siwei Street on the morning of the 21st. Both parties were notified to clarify the case. The motorcycle rider filed a notice of intentional injury and criminal coercion against the driver. The driver was charged with reckless driving based on Article 43 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act.

Yeh Min-hsu, Traffic Division Leader, Yongkang Precinct: “The precinct received new evidence and immediately notified both parties to clarify the case. The motorcycle rider filed a notice of injury and was compulsory crime compliant. We will send the case to prosecutors after our investigation is completed.”

The police urged that drivers should pay attention to courtesy at intersections and keep vehicles at a safe distance. If there is malicious intent or driving, a fine of NT$6,000 to NT$24,000 can be imposed in accordance with the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act. The police still need to clarify if the motorcycle rider illegally crossed a double yellow line.