KRTC Pursuing Charges Against Driver That Ran Crossing 騎士闖紅燈穿越輕軌 高捷告發涉公共危險罪

On Dec. 19, a driver ran a railroad crossing at Kaohsiung's Gushan-Beidou intersection and just barely missed getting hit by an oncoming train. Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp. has submitted evidence to the police in the hopes of seeing her charged with offenses against public safety.

A 19-year-old woman ran a railroad crossing at the intersection of Kaohsiung's Gushan Second Road and Beidou Street after the warning light had already come on. The police happened to see this and pulled her over after a car chase. The woman was fined NT$3,600 for running a red light. However, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp. says this was reckless endangerment and has submitted additional evidence to the police in the hopes of seeing her charged with offenses against public safety.

Wang Po-yen, Public Affairs Director, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp.: “In similar cases in the past, the car or scooter in question always decelerated. The driver yesterday made no attempt to decelerate and in fact sped up. That's why we are thinking of asking the police to charge her with offenses against public safety.”

The KRTC says there have already been 11 light rail collisions caused by motorists this year. It hopes an offense against public safety charge will deter other drivers from running railroad crossings.

Citizen: “It's safer for us this way. It's not making a mountain out of a molehill. This is common sense, right? When you see a (train), you let them go first.”

Wan Han-yi, Lawyer: “Running a (railroad crossing) is punishable by 14 days of detention. That's why there's a guilty verdict and criminal offense. This can't be taken too lightly.”

One lawyer says there is a 2019 precedent for an offense against public safety charge in such a situation. KRTC says future cases will be assessed individually and it won't pursue an offense against public safety charge in every case of this kind.