Taoyuan Airport Starts One ID Trial 桃機試辦One ID臉部辨識通關 方便快速

Taoyuan Airport trials the One ID facial recognition system for smart customs clearance from Dec. 15 to August next year. 

Zero contact strengthens epidemic prevention and safety, allowing travelers to quickly pass customs. Taoyuan International Airport has introduced non-contact services and is accelerating its smart customs clearance, the One ID facial recognition system. On the first day of trial, most passengers felt that the customs clearance and boarding procedures were faster. 

Passenger: “After checking in, a machine scans the face and the application is completed. If every gate has this system, then you don't have to wait in line, so it's quite convenient.”
Passenger: “It was ok. Very good and smooth. And of course more convenient. You can pass by just taking off your mask. 
I think it's more convenient than traditional procedures.”
Passenger: “We're considering personal privacy issues. Generally speaking, if a facial recognition system is used in Taiwan, we'll feel more at ease.”

According to the Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, the so-called One ID is to combine a person's biometrics with a travel certificate. After completing the information registered at the check-in counter, self-service check-in counter, or security checkpoint, passengers only need to show "a face". Clearance time in the control area and boarding gate is only about 2 seconds.

Jerry Dann, President, TIAC: “I still want to emphasize that we take great care in personal data protection. One hour after you board the plane, these data will be automatically destroyed. ”

As for the Lunar New Year, the airport corporation stated that the night of the 14th is the first peak period of entry. Around 3,000 travelers will arrive on the 15th. The 7th, 8th, 14th, and 15th of January, are estimated to be peak travel days. Since inbound passengers must be transported to designated locations by the epidemic prevention taxi fleet, the airport has a standby fleet of 757 vehicles per day. Additionally, 1,200 vehicles can also be dispatched, so they can respond at any time to keep the immigration arrival and transit smooth. 



新冠肺炎疫情尚未解除,桃園國際機場導入非接觸式服務,加速推動One ID臉部辨識系統智慧通關。試辦首日,旅客大多覺得通關、登機流程更快速,零接觸強化防疫安全,還能快速通關。

一名旅客表示:「Check in完之後有個機器掃一下臉,就有申請到了,如果每個閘口都有那個的話,就不用排隊過是蠻方便的。」



機場公司表示,「One ID」意即將人的生物特徵和旅行證照結合,旅客在報到櫃台、自助報到櫃台及安檢口都完成資料註冊後,只要秀出臉,於管制區與登機門通關時間約僅2秒。