Men Who Robbed ATM at Gunpoint Arrested 3名嫌犯持槍搶劫超商ATM 2小時後落網

Two suspects robbed a convenience store ATM at gunpoint on Dec. 14 in New Taipei City's Wugu District. After grabbing NT$1.21 million, they fled in a vehicle driven by an accomplice. The police arrested all three within two hours using a license plate recognition system.

The police order the three handcuffed men to kneel. Watching to one side was New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih. The police had mobilized to track down these three suspects, who had robbed a convenience store ATM at gunpoint.

Kuo Huai-tse, Captain, Criminal Investigation Brigade, Luzhou Precinct: “They targeted convenience stores in Wugu District because they concluded that it would be easy to get away via expressways and highways.”

At around 5 p.m. on Dec. 14, the three suspects drove a black car and parked outside a convenience store in New Taipei City's Wugu District. The driver waited outside, while the other two armed themselves and entered the convenience store while the ATM was being maintained. They told the people inside to freeze, filled up bags with cash, and left with NT$1.21 million. They fled from Wugu to Sanxia. However, less than two hours later, they were under arrest.

Chang Kai-yu, Captain, Jipu Police Station, Sanxia Precinct: “It happed to be rush hour, and they were parked at an intersection waiting for a red light to turn green. We found their vehicle, and they weren't able to get away because they were surrounded by other vehicles. Our backup arrived at the scene, and we arrested the suspects.”

After the police were notified of the robbery, they deduced the suspects' escape route and used a license plate recognition system to pursue them. The police trailed the suspects once they found their vehicle, and then proceeded to arrest them once they had backup. All of the stolen money was recovered, and modified guns and clothing were confiscated. The suspects said they committed the crime because they were unemployed and needed money. Their case has been transferred to the New Taipei District Prosecutors Office, which will investigate them for robbery.