Demolition of Chengzhongcheng Building to Start on Dec. 16 城中城大火滿2個月 擬12/16進場拆除

Two months have passed since the fatal Chengzhongcheng fire in Kaohsiung. The building has been scheduled for demolition while local residents want a nearby police station to be moved to the site.

The outside of the Chengzhongcheng building has been surrounded by iron sheets and covered by debris netting. It seems that the demolition has started by the owners. Two months have passed since the deadly fire. Demolition handled by the Public Works Bureau of Kaohsiung City will start on the 16th and is expected to take four months. 

Mr. Hu, Chengzhongcheng Building Owner: “We are deciding which section to let the government expropriate. Our family wants a land-for-land exchange. If it's all the way over to Qixian Junior High School, we'd be getting the short end of the stick. ”

The Hu family, which owns close to one-third of the land the building stands on, agreed to let the Kaohsiung City Government expropriate the land. The city government plans to turn the site into a park, but local residents want a police station there instead.

Mr. Chen, Local Resident: “Alcoholics and the like will be all over. They're all going to be living there. I think it should be torn down and turned into a park. Or, having the police there would be great too.”

Mr. Wu, Local Resident: “A park is a place where old people can sit around. There are lots of old people living around here.”

The Kaohsiung City Public Works Bureau says it is sticking with the park plan because there are no other parks nearby. They say residents that want a police station or activities center can look elsewhere for a suitable site.