Taipei Offering Gift Vouchers with Moderna Vaccines 莫德納快到期 柯宣布9日前打送百元禮券

Taipei's first-dose vaccination coverage currently stands at 88.36 percent and the second-dose rate at 69.48 percent. To prevent the vaccines from going to waste and the emergence of the Omicron variant, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je announced that people who get the Moderna vaccine up to Dec. 9 will get a NT$100 gift voucher.

People are lined up outside a Taipei vaccination station waiting to get their vaccines despite the chilly and wet weather. To guard against the Omicron variant, Mayor Ko Wen-je announced that people in the first three vaccine priority groups are eligible for booster shots. For the first priority group of medical personnel, the hospitals where they are employed will be responsible for compiling lists and vaccinating. For the second priority group of local government epidemic prevention personnel, including police officers, civil servants, firefighters, social workers, disease prevention personnel, and disease prevention taxi drivers, in principle, the city government will compile the list and carry out the vaccination. People who have received two doses will be able to make online appointments starting five months after their second dose, but only the Moderna vaccine will be available.

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor: “All those inside hospitals who received the second dose at least five months ago should get it. If any hospital tells us that there is an outbreak because someone didn't get vaccinated, the starting fine will be NT$1,500 per case. We'll deal with them based on the Communicable Disease Control Act. All hospitals need to be responsible for their own employees.”

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je said that if unvaccinated medical personnel cause an outbreak, the city will issue a starting fine of NT$1,500 per case. Cities and counties are setting up vaccination sites at hypermarkets and department stores. Ko said Taiwan has a high density of hospitals and clinics, so its situation is different than the sparsely populated US. He opposes this measure for cost, personnel, and safety reasons.

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor: “If you go get vaccinated at a PX Mart, is it a store employee who's giving you the vaccine? No. It's medical personnel. Why would you move medical personnel from hospitals to a hypermarket to administer vaccines? I would rather leave them inside the hospital. If a problem occurs and someone needs emergency treatment or CPR, it's very easy if they're at a hospital. You'll die if you're at a hypermarket and you need CPR.”

Taipei has a batch of Moderna vaccines that will expire on Dec. 9. To prevent them from going to waste, Ko announced that people who get the Moderna vaccine as their first or second dose up to Dec. 9 will also get a NT$100 gift voucher.