Appointment-free Moderna Vaccines Administered 賣場.百貨公司.超市 陸續設置疫苗接種站

To raise the vaccine coverage rate, Taipei Main Station, supermarkets and department stores are being turned into vaccination sites. On Dec. 6, people lined up at PX Mart's Daguan Store in New Taipei City to get Moderna shots. Appointments were not required.

At 9 a.m., vaccinations start at PX Mart's Daguan store in Banqiao District. Appointments were not required for the Moderna jabs.

Mr. Tai, Vaccine Recipient: “I was so busy I forget to make an appointment. I only made an appointment yesterday, and then I came over today.”

Mr. Liu, Vaccine Recipient: “I went to Far Eastern and several other hospitals. They all said I needed an appointment and I wasn't able to get vaccinated. I'm so happy I finally got vaccinated today.”

PX Mart began administering vaccines at its 140-plus stores nationwide on the 6th. 

Wang Chiung-lang, Superintendent, Hsiao Cheng-Cheng Hospital: “Lots of people that work overseas are coming back for the holidays. The pandemic is really bad in other countries. If we want to protect our families, all adults should get vaccinated.”

Liu Hung-wei, Store Spokesperson: “PX Mart is also providing free water and bread for people getting vaccinated. While they're waiting, they can rest and have something to eat.”

The Central Epidemic Command Center also announced new vaccine requirements on Dec. 5, with employees of 24 types of venues including KTVs, banquet halls, and adult entertainment venues required to be 14 days removed from their second dose to be able to work starting Jan. 1. In response to criticism about the government forcing vaccines on citizens, Chen Shih-chung said people that don't want to get vaccinated can submit negative COVID-19 tests instead.

Chen Shih-chung, Chief, Central Epidemic Command Center: “We're asking people, not forcing them. Unvaccinated people need to get tested for everyone's safety.”

Chen also said it was always the government's plan to raise the full vaccination coverage rate. Meanwhile, booster shots are now available to people in priority categories 1-3 five months after their second dose.