Man Who Beat Lawmaker Remains Detained 林姓男子涉施暴高嘉瑜 裁定收押禁見

DPP legislator Kao Chia-yu's boyfriend, the man surnamed Lin is under investigation for various criminal offenses and will remain under detention and without visitation privileges.

Suspect Surnamed Lin: “(Do you have anything you want to say to Kao Chia-yu?) She must be very happy now.”

At 2:30 a.m. on Dec. 2, the New Taipei District Court ruled that this man surnamed Lin, who has been accused of physically assaulting Legislator Kao Chia-yu, as well as taking intimate videos of her and restricting her movements, will remain in detention without visitation privileges. Lin was escorted by court personnel upon his arrival at the court. He had something to get off his chest.

Suspect Surnamed Lin: “This is the lowest point of my life. I have nothing left to lose.”

On Dec. 1, the court questioned Lin over the allegations that he had physically assaulted his girlfriend Kao. He is being investigated for crimes against decency, unlawful confinement, breaching personal privacy, computer abuse, and threatening behavior. Prosecutors determined that he may flee, collude with witnesses, or commit the same crimes, so they asked that he remain under detention and without visitation privileges. According to reports, Lin has confessed to hitting Kao, but denied her allegations that he secretly filmed her, that he detained her, and that he threatened her using intimate images. Kao has said that Lin often flew into a rage at the beginning of their relationship, and it was only later on that she discovered he was in the habit of secretly recording people. 

Women's organizations who assist victims of intimate partner violence urge people to be more observant about their partner's personality and behavioral patterns during the early stages of a relationship.

Wang Yueh-hao, CEO, Garden of Hope Foundation:"For example, they may keep calling you or ask to look at your phone and read all your messages. You should be able to recognize the signs that a person isn't a suitable partner."

Women's groups say warning signs of a dangerous partner include distrust, a strong desire for control, moodiness, and self-centered thinking. People are urged to be alert for emotional blackmail and not tolerate any form of violence. They should also refrain from forgiving or tolerating abusive partners.