Man Suspected of Abusing Legislator Arrested 林姓男友涉施暴高嘉瑜 檢警搜索拘提

Legislator Kao Chia-yu's boyfriend surnamed Lin was arrested on Dec. 1, and prosecutors confiscated objects including his phone and flash drives.

Suspect Surnamed Lin: “(Why did you use violence against the legislator? Would you like to explain?) No, no. (Are there intimate videos?)”

The man denies committing any crimes when faced with questions from reporters. He is the boyfriend surnamed Lin of Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Kao Chia-yu, who has been accused of physically assaulting her and restricting her movements. He was arrested by the police on Dec. 1 at a hotel in New Taipei City's Banqiao District.

Nieh Chung, Dep. Chief Prosecutor, New Taipei District Prosecutors Office: “The main reason why an emergency search warrant was issued and the defendant was detained is due to the urgent nature of this case. We wanted to prevent him from destroying evidence and fleeing due to the widespread media coverage of this case.”

On Nov. 30, Kao, accompanied by her lawyer, filed a report at a local police station. Prosecutors then launched an investigation. They determined Lin was suspected of crimes such as forcible detention and coercion, and there was sufficient evidence. They asked the court to issue a search warrant and arrest warrant on the night of Nov. 30. Prosecutors say the arrest went smoothly and took less than half an hour. The suspect's phone and flash drives were seized.

Nieh Chung, Dep. Chief Prosecutor, New Taipei District Prosecutors Office: “According to the statement of the person who filed the complaint, who is the victim, these flash drives and phone may contain some intimate videos or images. That's why we seized them.”

Lin's phone and other possessions are thought to contain intimate images of Kao and other women, so prosecutors targeted them for confiscation. They will be handled confidentially and will not be leaked to anyone. Prosecutors are still trying to determine if there are other victims. The case is being investigated for the crimes of injury, forcible detention, coercion, and offenses against privacy.



記者 vs. 林姓嫌犯:「(為什麼要對議員動粗?要不要解釋一下?) 沒有。沒有。(是不是有拍不雅影片?)」