Binding Referendums, Elections Debated 公投綁大選議題 藍議員批中選會失職

With four referendums taking place in less than a month, the Central Election Commission held a third televised opinion presentation, which discussed the topic on binding referendums to general elections.

One of the referendums that will be voted on in the year-end referendums is whether to bind referendums to general elections. The Central Election Commission held a televised opinion presentation on this referendum on Nov. 24. Speaking for the "yes" camp was Kuomintang Taipei City Councilor Chung Pei-chun. She said holding them in conjunction will result in a higher voter turnout, thereby increasing the representativeness of referendum results, as well as reducing referendum administrative costs. In 2018, referendums were held with general elections, which resulted in delays to the poll closing time. She said this won't happen again if there are election reforms.

Chung Pei-chun, Taipei City Councilor (KMT): “The Democratic Progressive Party keeps telling everyone over and over again that people had to wait so long to vote in 2018 because the referendums were bound to the general election. That's wrong. It's because the DPP-controlled Central Election Commission failed to make proper election arrangements, forcing people to have to wait to vote. That's why they then amended the law to separate referendums and general elections. The DPP wasn't able to do it properly, and so they blamed the system.”

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Chuang Jui-hsiung, the representative for the "no" camp, said he doesn't think referendums and elections should be held on the same day, because referendums are directed at issues and elections are directed at people. This way, the voting speed won't be affected and the chaos of 2018 won't be repeated. Chuang also accused the KMT of being indifferent to referendums and being unwilling to work with the DPP to amend laws now that there are problems.

Chuang Jui-hsiung, Legislator (DPP): “When the DPP encounters chaos, we will actually try to talk with all the opposition parties as good friends and tell them we should resolve things together. The DPP is facing the issue head on to sever referendums and general elections to give people sufficient time to discuss referendums and make more rational decisions.”

Chuang said separating referendums and general elections will give people more time to discuss referendums. Chung pointed out that the voter turnout wasn't necessarily high even when they were held in conjunction, and separating them would result in a lower turnout. This in turn would detract from referendums, as their purpose is to make the voices of the people heard.





國民黨台北市議員鍾沛君批評:「民進黨口口聲聲告訴大家2018年公投併大選,所以才讓民眾苦等,錯啊 ,這是民進黨的中選會辦不好選務,所以才會讓民眾一直等,所以才會修法讓公投脫鉤大選 ,是民進黨自己尿不準,還要去怪馬桶歪。」


民進黨立法委員莊瑞雄認為:「民進黨碰到亂象,我們其實也好想來跟所有的在野黨好朋友講,我們應該一起來解決。民進黨正視問題將公投跟大選我們來脫鉤,讓人民對於公投能夠有更充分的時間來討論,跟理性的做出選擇。 」


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