Signatures Delivered in Freddy Lim Recall Campaign 鍾小平攜6738份連署書 赴選委員會補件

On Nov 23, Taipei City Councilor Chung Siao-ping delivered 6,738 replacement signatures to the Taipei City Election Commission. Chung said he was confident that the petition to recall independent Legislator Freddy Lim will proceed to a vote. 

Chung Siao-ping, Taipei City Councilor: “We were 2,358 signatures short, so we delivered 6,738 today. We originally had around 8,000, but we deleted some duplicate ones, leaving 6,738. I'm confident that they will pass muster. Wanhua District's population is double that of Zhongzheng District. Everyone was really worried that he wouldn't be recalled, so they all came out in support.”

Freddy Lim, Legislator (Ind.): “Actually, my response after the super high error rate of the second phase was that they're not going to give up even under these circumstances and that we're going to meet their challenge and they're going to continue to deliver replacements. Now, they are delivering replacements as I said. We're still taking the same approach, going all out in this battle.”

Under Taiwan law, a recall petition can proceed to an election after the signatures of 10 percent of the eligible voters are collected, which is 24,474 signatures in Lim's case. Lim said he will put up a fight while the CEC has 40 days to review all the signatures.


台北市議員鍾小平表示: 「我們差2358份,今天送6738份,本來8千多我們自己刪掉重覆的,所以剩下6738份,我相信一定會過,大家看連署書萬華人口是中正區的兩倍,這次我們擺攤,如雪片般飛來,大家很緊張,怕罷不掉他(林昶佐)。」

無黨籍立委林昶佐表示: 「其實之前在他們第二階審查,爆出了超高的錯假率之後,當時我的回應也是,其實我覺得,即便是這樣子我們也不認為他們會罷休,所以我們也是做全力的應戰,那他們一定是會繼續搞,然後繼續補件,現在果然他們也是繼續補件,我們也是秉持一樣的態度,我們就是全力準備來迎戰。」


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