Important Diplomatic Development Between Taiwan-Lithuania 駐立陶宛台灣代表處掛牌 外交重要進展

The official opening of the Taiwanese Representative Office on Nov. 18 in Lithuania is an important milestone in the relationship between the two sides. 

The Taiwanese representative office in Lithuania has officially opened for operation. This has been 18 years since Slovakia in 2003 that Taiwan has once again set up a representative office in Europe. According to Lithuanian media reports, Zygimantas Pavilionis, chairperson of the Lithuanian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, believes that this is a victory for freedom and democracy. It is of great significance for Lithuanians who regained their independence. 

Gabrielius Landsbergis, Lithuania Minister of Foreign Affairs: “(China rebounds) This result, although we do not like to see China unhappy from this event, we believe our country's interests must be built on a democratic state and a closer economic connection and relations with democracies. We believe economic relations with a democratic country can last longer because they follow the rule of law. So I think this is more in line with our national interest.”

Matas Maldeikis, Chair of the Lithuanian Parliament's Taiwan Group: “We agree with the one-China principle, but at the same time, we also have our sovereignty and laws. Cooperating with Taiwan is more in line with Lithuania's national interests. So we will do this.”

An important milestone has been set for Taiwan-Lithuania relations. Members of both parties in the U.S. Senate are happy to see this development. Chairman Bob Menendez of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, praised Lithuania for defending democracy from Taipei to Minsk. This shows leadership ability, but also ignited China's anger. China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly protested with a press release, threatening that Lithuania will be responsible for the consequences. According to analysts, if China continues to suppress Lithuania, it may trigger a backlash from other EU member states and affect China's strategic layout.

Lin Ting-hui, Deputy Secretary-General, Taiwanese Society of International Law: “Eastern European countries and China have built a 17+1 economic forum. This economic forum may collapse due to possible domino effects from Lithuania. This collapse may affect the final destination of China's Belt and Road Initiative, which ends in Greece. This will change China's overall strategy.”

Chiu Chih-wei, Legislator (DPP): “This is a breakthrough. Both countries didn't have representative offices in the past but we have been able to systematically promote the relationship between our two countries, from economics and trade to strategic cooperation and human rights (etc.).”

Taiwan and Lithuania have opened a new page for exchanges and cooperation. Even though they are not countries with diplomatic relations with each other, analysts believe that further strengthening substantive relations should be the focus of our diplomatic push.




立陶宛外長Landsbergis 表示:「(中國反彈)這個結果,雖然不是我們樂見的,但我們相信國家的利益,必須建立在與民主國家,建立更緊密的連結。我們相信與民主國家的經濟關係,是能夠延續且更長久的,因為他們有遵循法治原則,所以我認為這更符合我國國家利益。」