Further Progress of COP26 to Limiting Global Warming COP26閉幕 確立減煤方向.2050淨零排放

The COP26 UN Climate Conference in Glasgow has come to a close, resulting in a new deal. Taiwan Greenpeace and youth leaders pressed on the government to make a decision on carbon pricing in Taiwan. 

A big billboard set up by environmental groups on the Ketagalan Boulevard says "CO2 Net-Zero by 2050." Greenpeace and youth representatives are calling on the government to quickly decide on carbon pricing as Taiwan has also already committed to cutting its greenhouse gases to net-zero by 2050. Greenpeace says that the carbon price should be set to start from NT$300 per tonne.

Wang Ying-pin, Youth Representative: “Citizens should not be responsible for the cost of pollution. Carbon-intensive industries should take responsibility and make improvements. It's about actions, not words.”

Greenpeace criticized the government for lack of clear direction towards carbon reduction and a delay in decision on carbon pricing.

Cheng Chu-hsin, Project Manager, Greenpeace: “Taiwan is way behind other countries in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and making other environmental efforts.”

Greenpeace is persistent in its call for industries to pay NT$300 for every tonne of carbon dioxide produced, but the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said this isn't a bidding war.

Tsai Ling-i, Dir., Dept. of Env. Sanitation & Toxic Substance Mgmt., EPA: “It's not the higher the price the better. You have to consider our country's GDP and per capita income and evaluate the impact on our economy as a whole. It's not bidding.”

Greenpeace also criticized the EPA for the delay in the draft of the revision of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act and called for the government to engage in talks with the public. The EPA responded by saying that they are still in the process of collecting information and opinion from various agencies. A discussion will be held once they are ready, the EPA said.