Northeast Monsoon Interrupts Power Supply 東北季風損供電系統 麥寮居民反覆停電

The northeast monsoon is strengthening. On Nov. 8, a circuit breaker tripped in Yunlin's Mailiao Township, affecting 3,000 users.

Taiwan Power Company contractors used pressure washers to clean insulating barriers in coastal areas in Yunlin's Taixi and Mailiao townships. The northeast monsoon is strengthening, and carrying large amounts of salt and dust that damage the insulating barriers of power systems. At 4 p.m. on Nov. 8, a power cut occurred at various villages in Mailiao Township. 

Mailiao Township Resident:"Power failures often occur when the wind is strong."

Wu Ming-i, Mailiao Township Elected Representative:"Repeated circuit breaker tripping will damage household appliances. There's no way to get compensation for that."

Taipower said the monsoon is strengthening. The Nov. 8 power failure affected 3,000 users. It was caused by a natural disaster, so people aren't able to claim compensation for damaged appliances.

Voice of Kao Meng-shen, Chief, Taipower North Yunlin Patrol & Maintenance Office:"This is considered a natural disaster, so our company can't give compensation. We do offer compensation for occurrences such as poor construction or delivering the wrong voltage. However, this is a natural disaster. Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent it."

Taipower said it has already sent additional personnel to clean insulating barriers to avert similar incidents. For villages with higher populations, it is planning on moving cables underground. It is currently negotiating with landowners, and successfully relocating the cables will greatly reduce the chances of power failures.





麥寮鄉民代表 吳明宜表示:「家用的相關電器,都會因為這樣的反覆跳電,而導致這樣一些家用電器的損毀,那其實也都求償無門。」


台電北雲巡修課長 高萌伸表示:「這種天然的災害,我們公司就沒辦法理賠,你如果說,是我們施工不良,送錯電,那個我們就會理賠。因為這天然災害,有時候我們真的沒辦法防止。」