Uncertified Electrical Appliances Being Sold Online 網購電器 到貨卻發現無標章且外觀粗糙

Singles' Day is coming up, and everyone is bargain hunting. However, consumers are advised not to buy electrical appliances that don't have safety certifications.

Online retailers are holding Singles' Day sales events with deeply discounted prices on all types of goods. One consumer that spent NT$300-plus on a fan heater and NT$700-plus on a space heater was very unhappy with the items he received. He says the exteriors of the heaters were very rough and the products did not have safety certifications, and he doesn't dare use them.

Mr. Huang, Consumer:"Of course, I'm concerned. I wanted to get a fan heater because it's getting cold and wetter. It didn't work as well as I thought it would and the quality wasn't very good. It also didn't come with any safety certifications."

One home appliance store says domestically produced appliances cannot be sold unless they have been certified. However, imported products that don't have safety labels have flooded the online market.

Lee Ming-chang, Home Appliance Store Employee:"Home appliances cannot be sold without safety certifications. This is the only way it's fair to legal manufacturers. Without this regulation, legal manufacturers would be at a severe disadvantage. "

Both the industry and consumers say the government needs to protect public safety by monitoring imported products. Consumers also want to know who will be held responsible for injury or damage. The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection says the products in question probably somehow escaped inspection and it will look into it.




消費者 黃先生表示:「當然會擔心,我本來想說,天氣慢慢變冷了,又下雨,我想說買個暖風扇,可是買回來以後,風力也不是很強,最重要的是說,它的品質也很差,又沒有商檢標。」


電器業者 李明昌表示:「電檢標章,你必須要有,才能夠在市面上販賣,這個才對合法廠商是公平的。不然的話,劣幣打擊良幣,對台灣廠商真的很傷害。」