Former Legislator Lin Ching-yi Selected as DPP Candidate 中二區補選 綠營林靜儀. 黎明幼兒園長林金連參選

C. Chuang
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The DPP has selected former Legislator Lin Ching-yi as its candidate for the by-election for Taichung's second electoral district. The Kuomintang has not yet announced its candidate.

“A win for Lin Chin-lien!”

Liming Kindergarten Principal Lin Chin-lien was accompanied by civil group representatives and National Chengchi University professor Hsu Shih-jung, who is known for his opposition to land expropriation, as he announced that he will be running in the by-election to fill the vacancy in Taichung's second electoral district. 

Lin Chin-lien, Principal, Liming Kindergarten: “You'll face bullets if you run, and legal action that will last to the death if you don't run. The only thing we can do to save and help farmers and oppose improper enforced expropriation is to run for office. ”

The city government has rezoned the kindergarten's land, and Lin has been working hard over the years to ensure the school's survival. The Democratic Progressive Party announced on Nov. 3 that its candidate to fill the vacancy is former Legislator Lin Ching-yi. Lin Chin-lien promised to walk his own path, away from the blues and greens. The Kuomintang has yet to announce its candidate. Yen Kuan-heng and Yen Li-ming, who are siblings, are both possibilities although the former appears to have more support. Legislator Johnny Chiang, who also represents Taichung, was asked who the KMT will nominate.

Johnny Chiang, Legislator (KMT): “The central committee and individuals all have their own criteria and opinions. We will respect every person's decision.”

The by-election will take place in two months. The registration period for candidates will be Nov. 15 to 19. The KMT is expected to make a decision during its Central Standing Committee meeting on Nov. 17 at the latest.