KMT Launches Referendum Campaign 藍啟動公投全台街講 朱立倫:親征發表會

Kuomintang Chair Eric Chu says the party's referendum campaign will be staged all over Taiwan, including offshore islands. In addition, Chu said he will personally take part in televised policy debates on the four referendums, facing head on with representatives of the Executive Yuan.

Kuomintang sound trucks are making their way around Taiwan ahead of the public referendums. Party Chair Eric Chu says the KMT is making sure the people's voices are heard and making sure residents of both Taiwan proper and offshore islands are properly represented. In addition, the KMT will be taking part in upcoming televised policy presentations.

Eric Chu, KMT Chair: “Myself, Johnny Chiang, Lin Wei-chou, Jaw Shaw-kang, and many other civic representatives are joining hands to make sure the people's voices are heard. These are all issues that affect the people, and the people will use the referendum as an opportunity to fight back against what the Democratic Progressive Party is doing.”

The Central Election Commission has scheduled five televised policy presentation sessions between Nov. 13 and Dec. 11. Chu, former Chair Johnny Chiang, lawmaker Lin Wei-chou, and a number of others will be representing the KMT in the sessions. The Executive Yuan is expected to send representatives as well.

Lo Ping-cheng, Executive Yuan Spokesperson: “The Executive Yuan is the opposition. It will send representatives to participate in the sessions to express the Executive Yuan's policy platform in accordance with the law. ”

The CEC will announce further details on the sessions on Nov. 5.