Truck Accidentally Dumps 20 Bags of Cement on Expressway 貨車市高沿路掉20包水泥 幸無車輛遭波及

A cargo truck accidentally spilled 20 bags of cement on the Civic Boulevard Expressway on Oct. 31. Fortunately, no one was hurt. After arriving on the scene, police moved the bags onto the shoulder. The truck owner faces fines of up to NT$18,000.

On Oct. 31, this truck accidentally dumped 20 bags of unsecured cement onto an expressway, causing a massive dust storm. 

Shen Kuang-lun, Head of Traffic Division, Zhongshan Precinct: “Around 20 bags of cement fell onto the road, affecting vehicular safety. Police moved the bags onto the shoulder and called the environmental protection department to clean up the mess.”

Police say the cargo truck was driving west on Civic Boulevard Expressway from Fuxing North Road when the incident happened. The driver says the bags weren't secured properly. After reviewing CCTV footage, police identified the truck and fined the truck owner.

Shen Kuang-lun, Head of Traffic Division, Zhongshan Precinct: “Under Article 30-1 to 30-2 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, the driver could face fines of NT$3,000 to NT$18,000.”

Fortunately, there were no accidents or injuries. Police say transport drivers should make sure their cargo is securely fastened before hitting the road.