Qingjing Farm Equestrian Performers Denounce Treatment 清境馬場經營者 遭控壓榨外籍表演者

Qingjing Farm's equestrian performance has a cast of foreign equestrian performers. Recently, a performer accused the venue manager of violating their rights and benefits by establishing numerous penalties. In response, the manager said there was a communication problem and there have never been penalties. The Nantou County Government has initiated an investigation.

Qingjing Farm's equestrian performance is known throughout Taiwan. It is performed by foreign equestrian performers. Recently, one of the performers accused the venue manager of violating their rights and benefits by establishing unreasonable regulations.

Ms. Li, Venue Manager: “I don't want to hear anything else about not wanting to perform or wanting to bring all of the group members back to Uzbekistan. If I hear this, I'll sue and I won't let them return. ”

The venue is managed by a married couple who were contracted by the Veterans Affairs Council. The performers accused the couple of establishing provisions such as performers having to pay their own medical expenses if they get injured during the show and not paying them while they remain injured. Another provision was that anyone who doesn't perform well during one month won't get days off the next month. They also didn't receive overtime pay, and their movements were restricted on their days off. They had to pay a US$500 deposit if they wished to go away. The managers also used inappropriate wording to describe the performers.

Foreign Equestrian Performer: “I fall down and then I'm asking, I can't work like this. Then they kicked out me and they said they will call the police to scare me.”

One of the managers said it's necessary to be very blunt when communicating with foreigners, which is why these provisions were established. The manager just wanted the performers to be on the alert and said penalties such as fines or prohibiting days off had never been implemented. The Nantou County Government said the Labor Standards Act is applicable to these foreign workers, and it has accepted the complaints received. It has already opened an investigation.  

Lin Chih-chung, Director, Social and Labor Dept., Nantou County: “We have already received complaints filed by the foreign equestrian performers in this case, and we are handling them. Our personnel will investigate.”

Qingjing Farm said it will help to mediate the dispute. It will urge the managers to abide by the law and require improvements if any laws have been broken.