Tsai Sits Down with CNN for Interview 接受CNN專訪 蔡英文:中對台威脅與日俱增

Cross-strait relations have become an issue followed by the US media. American news-based TV channel CNN spoke with President Tsai Ing-wen in an exclusive interview on Oct. 26. She said the Chinese threat grows bigger with each passing day and confirmed the presence of US troops in Taiwan. Tsai also said she would like to chat with Chinese President Xi Jinping if given the chance.

Tsai Ing-wen, President: “If it's a threat from China, it's increasing every day.”

President Tsai Ing-wen recently spoke with American news-based TV channel CNN in an exclusive interview. She said the threat from China is growing every day and is currently bigger than it was during her first term. CNN, which has closely followed cross-strait issues in recent times, reported several days ago that the Taiwan issue could be the biggest challenge of US President Joe Biden's term. The interview tackled sensitive issues, with Tsai confirming the presence of US troops in Taiwan for training.

Will Ripley, CNN Reporter: “Does that support include sending some US service members to help train Taiwanese troops? How many US service members are deployed in Taiwan right now?  ”
Tsai Ing-wen, President: “Well, yes, we have a wide range of cooperation with the US aiming at increasing our defense capability. Not as many as people thought. ”

When asked about a possible invasion of Taiwan by China and whether the US will help defend Taiwan, Tsai responded she has confidence that the US will come to Taiwan's defense. She also expressed her desire to sit down with Chinese President Xi Jinping for a chat to dispel misunderstandings.

Will Ripley, CNN Reporter: “Are you interested in speaking with President Xi? Would you like to have more communication with him? "
Tsai Ing-wen, President: “More communication would be helpful, so that we would reduce misunderstanding, given our differences, differences in terms of our political systems. We can sit down and talk about our differences and try to make arrangement so that we will be able to co-exist peacefully. "

Biden has invited leaders of democracies to convene in the US for the Summit for Democracy in December. Senators have sent letters to Biden asking him to publicly invite Taiwan to attend. The US Department of State said there are already discussions for Taiwan to participate under the "one China policy" and it believes Taiwan can make meaningful commitments to the summit's goals.





CNN記者Will Ripley表示:「美國的支持,是否包括派美軍協助訓練台灣軍隊? 有多少美軍在台灣呢?」 



CNN記者Will Ripley表示:「你有興趣和習近平有更多的對話嗎?」