Wu Delivers Speech to Slovak Think Tank 吳釗燮斯洛伐克演說 籲全球合作抗威權

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a press statement supporting Taiwan's participation in the UN system. Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Wu gave a speech during his trip to Slovakia.


Fifty years have passed since UN Resolution 2758 was passed. On Oct. 26, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a press statement to say he supports Taiwan's participation in the UN system. He said excluding Taiwan undermines the important work of the UN and its related bodies, and the US encourages all member states to join them in supporting Taiwan's participation. Blinken also tweeted that "Taiwan is a critical partner to the United States and a democratic success story. Taiwan should have meaningful participation in the UN system, especially as we face an unprecedented number of global challenges." President Tsai Ing-wen responded with a tweet expressing her gratitude. Blinken's words drew a sharp rebuke from China.

Ma Xiaoguang, Spokesperson, Taiwan Affairs Office, PRC: “For some time, the US has been making various statements that severely violate related UN resolutions, the one China principle, and the Three Communiques. It is sending erroneous signals to Taiwan independence supporters. ”

China and the US have had several confrontations over UN General Assembly resolutions as of late. The Taiwan Affairs Office reiterated that Taiwan is a part of China and therefore has no authority to participate in the UN. Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Wu is currently traveling around Europe. The Taiwan Affairs Office criticized the trip and urged related countries to abide by the one China principle.

Joseph Wu, Foreign Affairs Minister: “The fatal pandemic was a real test to countries' public health systems.”

On Oct. 26, Wu delivered a speech to Slovak think tank GLOBSEC. He urged everyone to cooperate to resist authoritarianism. Afterwards, he granted an interview to AFP, where he spoke about cross-strait issues.

Joseph Wu, Foreign Affairs Minister: “The threat is there and the threat is getting worse. But it will be very hard for me to predict that there's going to be a war between Taiwan and China. It depends on the leadership on both sides to be rational. "

Wu said that a Taiwan-China conflict would be a disaster for Taiwan, China, and the entire world. He claimed that China is using tensions with Taiwan to divert domestic attention from its economic downturn and energy shortage. Wu will now travel to the Czech Republic.