Taoyuan Convenience Store Robbed at Gunpoint 歹徒搶超商提款機補鈔匣 找到犯案車

A robbery occurred at a convenience store in Taoyuan when a worker was filling cash into an ATM. The robber took over NT$ 520,000 and is still at large.

A burned car can be seen on the side of the road at the boundary between Taoyuan's Xinwu and Guanyin districts. At 10 a.m. on Oct. 25, an armed perpetrator robbed a box containing money to replenish an ATM at a convenience store located on Zhongshan East Road in Xinwu District. Later on, police found the vehicle used to commit the crime five kilometers away. It had been set on fire. The police collected evidence.

Chu Hsiao-chuan, Deputy Captain, Yangmei Precinct:"The police immediately sealed off the scene. They collected evidence and conducted a search. We have found traces left by the suspect in the area surrounding the burned car."

The police believe the perpetrator had targeted the armored vehicle carrying the box and followed it to the convenience store. He fired one bullet at the box to get compliance, and it took him less than a minute to commit the crime. The perpetrator walked away with NT$518,000. Security camera footage showed he placed the box on the front passenger seat and then drove the vehicle to an intersection and turned in the direction of Guanyin District. 

Resident:"The man was tall and thin. I had never seen him before. He appeared suddenly. I saw him parking and walking away. I saw his car parked here over the course of a month."

Two years ago, the same convenience store had suffered a robbery. That time, the entire ATM was stolen. The preliminary investigation shows there is no connection between the two cases. The police say they are reviewing security camera footage. Meanwhile, the vehicle used to commit the crime was determined to have been reported stolen, and contact has been made with the owner.



楊梅分局副分局長 朱孝全表示:「警方立即封鎖現場,進行現場的採證及搜索,目前在火燒車現場周遭,有陸續發現相關,疑似歹徒留下的跡證。」


附近民眾表示:「瘦瘦的,高高的男生,他以前都沒有來過,是突然出現的,我那次看到他就是,他停著就走了,一個多月了。(一個多月,車常停這裡?) 對。」