Wangfang Hospital Offering Mix-and-Match Vaccination 服務首劑AZ不良反應者 萬芳醫院設門診

G. Chen
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Wanfang Hospital in Taipei is now offering Moderna as second COVID-19 shot to people who have experienced adverse reactions after receiving AZ as their first shot. Healthcare workers under the first vaccination priority group are also eligible.

Ms. Tai received her first shot of AZ in July and she developed rashes all over her body after ten days. Her skin was swollen and started to peel. She hasn't fully recovered since, so she feels relieved to be able to take Moderna instead of AZ as her second shot of vaccine.

Ms. Tai, Mix-and-match vaccine recipient:"I'm so happy I can do it (mix-and-match vaccine) finally. It's so sad how much trouble we have to go through to get the type of vaccine shot that's most suitable for us."

Mr. Liao also suffered from adverse reactions after receiving his first shot of AZ in July. He developed hives and it wore him out. He drove up to Taipei from Taoyuan early in the morning to receive Moderna as his second shot.

Mr. Liao, Vaccine recipient:"I developed acute hives all over my body after receiving my first shot. My stomach would hurt and I would get muscle cramps in my leg. I had to go to the ER."

Starting on Oct. 26, healthcare workers under the first vaccination priority group and people who have experienced severe adverse reactions after receiving AZ as their first shot are eligible to book for a special mix-and-match vaccine appointment to receive Moderna as their second shot every Tuesday morning at Wanfang Hospital in Taipei. People need to present their vaccine yellow card to show proof of first shot of AZ and also present doctor's diagnose of drug allergy or adverse reactions or such proof coming from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Healthcare workers need to present their medical licenses. The hospital will double-check eligibility on the spot and the appointment would be canceled if the vaccine recipient was found not eligible.

Lin Ying-chin, Physician, Family Medicine Dept., Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital:"Suppose this person has had a medical history of drug allergy or this person has an official doctor's diagnosis of experiencing severe adverse reactions from the vaccine. If that is the case then the person is eligible to do a mix-and-match of vaccines."

Doctors remind the public that observation of 30 minutes is necessary after receiving any type of COVID-19 vaccine. If an individual should experience fever for more than 48 hours, or difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, or severe rashes, seek medical help immediately. 




疫苗混打民眾 戴小姐表示:「很開心搶到了(混打),可是我覺得,我們這些疫苗孤兒,真是很可憐,因為找不到地方可以打。」


疫苗混打民眾 廖先生表示:「我第一劑打完的時候,就是全身性的,急性的蕁麻疹,腹部會疼痛,然後腳會抽筋,當然趕快就送急診。」


萬芳醫院家醫科醫師 林英欽表示:「比如說,他有嚴重的藥物不良反應,或者是說,有醫師的診斷證明,在打第一劑的時候,有這樣的一個反應,這樣的話,才符合我們,在混打方面的一個條件。」